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How To Order MySafetyReward Certificates

Step #1: Contact our MySafetyReward representative by completing the contact form or calling 888-826-0783 ext 349.

Step #2:We will contact you directly to answer answer any questions you may have and assist you in the ordering process.

Step #3:Complete the order form and fax to 214-242-4448.

Step #4:You'll receive your award certificates by email in .pdf format

Step #5: Print out your cerfificates and hand them to your employees.

Here is an example of the MySafetyReward certificate»

How to Redeem a MySafetyReward Certificate

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Click 'Redeem Code'.

Step #3: Create your personalized MySafetyReward account.

Step #4: Enter the award code printed on the award certificate.

Step #5: Browse the award catalog, choose an item and add it to your shopping cart!

MySafetyReward Certificate Example